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Here's what you need to know...
  • Pennsylvania uses the “no fault” insurance system
  • You may receive various discounts if you maintain good driving habits
  • There is a minimum requirement for all the drivers in the country
  • It is also important to include other coverage options such as comprehensive and collision coverage among others

Pennsylvania law requires everyone to produce an insurance policy upon request by the authorities. The documents that function as proof of insurance include:

  • An insurance card
  • Insurance binder
  • Signed letterhead from your insurer on their official letterhead
  • A declaration page from your insurance policy

Driving without the proper insurance for your vehicle is considered an offense as stated by the transportation laws.

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No-Fault Insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the states that use the “no fault” insurance system in the financial responsibility after the occurrence of an accident.

In such a system, the personal insurance policy is responsible for the compensation for the injuries from an accident regardless of the driver who caused an accident.

It is mandatory for every driver in the state to have the “no fault” insurance policy. The liability claim is only applicable when the persons involved suffer severe injuries. Additionally, a “no fault” driver may file a lawsuit against the “at fault” driver.

However, you should be very careful on a lawsuit since if you might be incriminating yourself in case you hold some blame for the accident.

Other additional laws while driving in Pennsylvania include:

  • Clearing the windows of ice and snow – driving a car with ice or snow lodged on their cars attract a penalty of $200 to $1,000.
  • Keep the right lane and only pass on the left one. Do not use the left lane for travel.
  • The headlights and the wipers should always be on when driving in unfavorable weather.
  • Drivers should always slow down for the emergency responders, police, and the tow-truck operators.

Different Insurance Coverage Options for the Pennsylvania Drivers

The minimum insurance requirement for anyone driving in the state is medical benefits and the liability coverage.

The property-liability covers the damage done to the other car if you are at fault while the bodily injury liability covers the people injured in a crash regardless of the blame.

The law requires all drivers to maintain liability limits of $15, 000 in one accident to cover for the bodily injury of one person. $30,000 covers for bodily injury for two people. Each person gets $15,000 in one accident. $5,000 covers for the destruction of other people’s property during the crash, while another $5,000 is for the medical treatment for the driver.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Besides this minimal insurance covers, drivers should consider having more options such as:

  • Comprehensive – Involves the coverage of other factors other than accidents such as fire and theft.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists – The “at fault” driver who is uninsured or not adequately insured would be unable to cover the accidents costs. This type of policy provides coverage in such cases.
  • Collision – Provides coverage for the repair of the vehicle after an accident.

Remember that the insurance coverage varies from one insurance company to another. One insurance provider may provide an option that the other one does not provide. Therefore, it is good to check the available options online.

Factors that Determine Drivers’ Insurance Coverage

The insurance premiums vary from one driver to another depending on some factors. The factors include:

  • Gender — Statistics show that women are careful drivers compared to men. Therefore, they receive subsidized rates.
  • Age — Teenagers and young adults cause more accidents than people 30 years and older. They receive higher premiums than the elderly does.
  • Marital Status– Married people enjoy subsidized rates on their car insurance policies due to the small number of accidents among the married. The insurance companies take a married person as a very responsible person.
  • Professions– Individuals in some professions are more likely to cause accidents than others. For example, doctors have a high likelihood of causing accidents compared to the artists due to the work pressures.
  • Credit Score — A high credit score portrays a high level of responsibility, which equates to low premiums.
  • Driving Record — Anyone with a clean driving record may enjoy low rates. The insurance providers charge the at-risk drivers very high premiums although that is bound to change if they demonstrate a good driving record.
  • Car Model– Some car models are highly susceptible to theft than others. Additionally, some vehicles may be very expensive, and this calls for more premiums.

Other factors that the insurance companies in Pennsylvania look for include the size and the age of the car as well as the vehicle’s safety rating.

Car Insurance Discounts

The car insurance companies provide discounts for everyone ranging from college students to their parents.

You would just have to demonstrate a good driving record.

Below are some of the insurance discounts for the drivers:

  • Driving Related – They are the cuts related to safe driving habits. They include the low mileage discount for the drivers that do not drive for long distances. The drivers who have driven for long without getting into an accident receive the good driver discount. Insurers also give the defensive driver discount to the drivers who have taken the defensive driving courses.
  • Good Student – Insurers offer the students who attain A’s and B’s degrees in their exams this discounts.
  • Occupational – These are the discounts given to people in different careers such as doctors and the military personnel.
  • Insurance Related – These discounts are for the individuals who have different insurance policies in one company (bundling discount), the people who have insured more than one car with one company (multiple car discounts), or the payment method cuts.

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Different insurance companies in Pennsylvania provide varying rates for the same policies. Therefore, you may consider doing your research online to get the most suitable insurance provider in the state.

Remember that the quality of an insurance provider does not depend on how expensive their policies are but on their ability to provide coverage.

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Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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