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Top 16 Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania

Here's what you need to know...
  • It’s an interesting state filled with historic sites and landmarks
  • Don’t forget to prepare by doing your homework before you go
  • Shop and compare various insurance options, so you’ll feel secure while driving on the roads

If you’ve never been to Pennsylvania, you may want to add it to your list of best places to visit. The history of Pennsylvania is intriguing, and there is plenty to do and see while you are visiting.

In this article, you’ll see that there are many things to highlight on your trip and you’ll want to make a note of many of them so that you can make plans to see it while in the area.

The state of Pennsylvania has some interesting stories to tell about the history of America in the early days.

Several battles were fought in Pennsylvania. The British wanted to capture Philadelphia during the American Revolution, and in 1777, General George Washington stayed at Valley Forge, which was not far from Philadelphia.

Valley Forge is only one example of the exciting and historical happenings that mark the early history of the state. When you travel the Keystone State, you will want to check out some of the following historical landmarks in the country.

Some are unique museums and exhibits while others are places to visit and explore. Many are based on early American culture or art forms that have their roots in American history. They all offer something different, and all are well worth checking out when you have the time.

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Top 16 Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania

The following are sixteen of the most notable historic landmarks in Pennsylvania that you should consider seeing when traveling the state.

#1 – Gettysburg National Military Park

The Gettysburg National Military Park celebrates the Battle of Gettysburg, which turned out to be a turning point of the Civil War which ended Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North. It was the bloodiest battle in Civil War history but stood as a turning point in the control of the North over the South.

President Abe Lincoln made his most memorable “Gettysburg Address” in this historic location.

This park is a national park and is open to the public year-round with full handicap accessibility and lots to do.

You can take ranger walks, learn about the history of the area, and visit the many historical sites in the area. It is a historical and educational experience for the whole family.

#2 – The Amish Village

The Amish Village is a blast from the past as you learn how the Amish people lived in the past and the present. The village is family and child-friendly and open to the public year-round.

The Amish Village is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Lancaster County. You can go on a tour of twelve acres of Amish territory that include a one-room schoolhouse, as well as a barn filled with real farm animals, and an old blacksmith’s shop.

The whole area is a real trip to see how another culture lives.

There are three major tours in Amish Village including:

  • Farmhouse and village tour
  • Backroads bus tour
  • Premium package tour

They offer group rates at only $7.75 per person. Children 5-12 get in for $5.50.

The best part about the Amish Village is that it is a real Amish village and farmhouse that allows you to see how they live, work, and play.

#3 – Hershey Park

Hershey Park is a chocolate-filled amusement park that will make you think you just stepped onto the set of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” The town of Hershey itself smells like chocolate; you’ll definitely know when you have arrived.

The park features rides, tours, and fun of all kinds including a roller coaster where you can learn about chocolate. Hershey Park even has a water park inside the park!

Besides all of the tours of this famous site–home of the world’s best pure milk chocolate candy bar–you can also stay in the Christmas Candylane or enjoy the Breakfast with Santa Package.

There is plenty of fine dining and shopping in the area too, and it is a much-traveled area during the holiday season and year-round.

One-day admission is only $19 and season passes are available for unlimited access.

#4 – Flight 93 National Memorial

Flight 93 National Memorial is set up in memorial to the brave men and women of Flight 93 whose heroic actions kept the plane from diving into the U.S. Capitol building on November 11, 2001.

You can learn the history of this tragic day and find out information about the brave 40 men and women aboard Flight 93 while taking a tour through the memorabilia and other interesting exhibits.

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#5 – The National Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is the only museum in the United States that tells the entire story (both sides) of the Amerian Civil War.

It shows the facts from both sides–Confederate and Union–and describes the events as they happened.

This museum is open during the following hours:

Mon-Tues & Thur-Sat: 10am-5pm; Wed: 10am-8pm; Sun: 12pm-5pm.

Admission is $12 for adults and $11 for seniors. Students get in for $10, and there is also a family pass available for $44.

#6 – Liberty Bell

If you have wanted to see the real Liberty Bell, now is your chance. The Liberty Bell is perpetually on display at Independence National Historical Park in Pennsylvania.

You can see the Bell with the crack down the middle that bears the inscription, “Proclaim liberty to all the land and all the inhabitants thereof.”

The Liberty Bell Center is located at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is open daily from 9:00-5:00. Admission is free to everyone.

#7 – The Andy Warhol Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum is the ideal place for modern art lovers. You can get an up close and personal view of the work of the famed pop artist, Andy Warhol and experience the various forms of his art in all its glory.

You can take a tour through any part of the Warhol Museum you wish to, and you’ll get to see many different art forms that Warhol loved that influenced his style.

Good Friday discounts include half-price admission for all guests. And a hands-on experience for all visitors.

#8 – Independence Hall

Independence Hall is a historic and unique place to visit. You’ll get to tour the place where Thomas Jefferson and others of our founders signed the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution in 1776.

It is located on Chestnut Street, and entrance is only granted through a security screening on that avenue.

The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and admission is free. There is just a small handling fee for $1.50 if you have reservations.

#9 – Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural History lets you take a trip to the ancient past and explore strange and different worlds such as dinosaurs and other now extinct species.

You can walk the Hall of Ancient Egyptian history, see the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems, and explore ancient civilizations. The population impact exhibit gives you a greater understanding of the environment and how pollution has an impact on wildlife and provides you with a look at natural events from a fresh perspective.

Admission is $19.95 for adults and $14.95 for seniors. Children are admitted for $11.95.

#10 – Valley Forge National Historical Park

The Valley Forge National Historical Park is a national park, so the admission rules apply as they do with all national parks.

Valley Forge is considered one of the most famous spots of the Revolutionary War.

The park commemorates the perseverance of the people involved in the Revolution and how the citizen of the area pulled together during this time.

In addition to the main exhibits, you can also take nature walks and learn about the early American history and culture of the park and the beginning of the culture as we know it today.

#11 – Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a great experience for art lovers of all kinds as well as educators and tour groups.

You will first be greeted by the “Rocky Steps,” the art museum steps that lead up to a gigantic statue of “Rocky” from the great movie by that name.

The movie was filmed in downtown Philadelphia and the bronze statue that stands, “larger than life” outside the entrance to the museum, was donated by Sylvester Stallone at the completion of the film.

Upon entering the museum, you can see the many different kinds of artwork that grace the Philadephia Museum and that have influenced the culture of America for decades.

#12 – Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute features a large number of virtual reality and realistic exhibits that have been featured in various films and focus on a scientific theme. You can view large dinosaur exhibits in Jurassic World or take a tour through the planetarium to view the night sky.

Tickets are available online, and the cost is $34.95 for general admission.

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#13 – Indian Echo Caverns

Indian Echo Caverns gives you a look at the culture and lifestyle of the ancient Native Americans from inside the caves of Derry Township near Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

The caves are open to the public to visit anytime.

#14 – Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is a treat for anyone visiting the state. It features several different species of animals, fish, and other creatures and gives children and adults alike to interact with animals in a new way.

There are 400 species in the zoo and admission is $13 for adults and $12 for seniors.

#15 – Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg Railroad is a trip on a train through the Amish countryside in Paradise, Pennsylvania. You’ll pass a thousand acres of farm fields and enjoy the old-fashioned fun at Leamon Place Grove and other stops along the way.

There are several upcoming Christmas trips that you’ll enjoy so book soon.

You can inquire here for ticket information and seasonal rates.

#16 – Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a great place to be at Christmas or anytime. You can view the flower gardens, visit with Santa, and plan a special occasion at this location.

There’s plenty to do and see, and adults get in for $17.95.

Traveling Safely in Pennsylvania

AdobeStock_92667970 (1)-1600x1600 (4)

When you decide to travel to the Keystone state, just take a few minutes to prepare. You’ll want to do your homework and make some time to decide the game plan.

Some things you should do before you include:

  • Know the landmarks you want to see – By planning ahead and knowing what you should do first, you’ll save time and be able to focus on the good stuff rather than trying to do it all.
  • Map your trip ahead of time – It’s a good idea to put your trip in Google Maps as well as taking a real map along to plan out your route.
  • Tune-up your car ahead of time – Getting a tune-up before you go gives you extra security that you will be safe on the road and will lower your risk of a breakdown on the way.
  • Travel with an emergency kit – You never know what type of situation you may run into while in a different state and on vacation. Take an emergency kit along and include the essentials such as extra clothing, medications, blankets, and plenty of snacks and water. Keep the kit in a place where you will know where it is at all times.

Make Sure You Have the Right Car Insurance

umbrella-policy_57902333-1600x1600 (2)

Likewise, you should think of your car insurance like another car emergency kit. It’s something you should always have with you but you, hope you never have to use it. It’s that extra peace of mind that you have in knowing that, no matter what happens, you are covered.

Remember that auto insurance is like the extra umbrella you take along but hope you’ll never have to use.

Increase that sense of security by looking into other additional coverages such as:

  • Medical coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive coverage

There are insurance coverage options that you may not usually carry at home that you may want to consider adding temporarily since your risk goes up when you are away from home.

Some tips you may want to follow can be found here on the Solo Traveler’s Blog. You should always think ahead and compare car insurance to get the best rates.

But your decision to carry the extra insurance should not be based on price alone. Reflect on the risk and weight the risk you are taking on while on vacation with the normal risk you have and decide what type of coverage you need to feel secure.

If you’re looking to vacation in Pennsylvania in the near future, make sure you are properly covered first! Enter your ZIP code below to compare auto insurance rates!


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