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The 10 Best Motorcycle Roads in Pennsylvania

Here's what you need to know...
  • Pennsylvania has some fantastic roads for motorcycles that are filled with pleasant challenges and great scenery
  • Before heading out on a ride, you may want to check your insurance plan and add coverage for your accessories
  • Pennsylvania is ranked number 4 out of 50 states for motorcycle popularity

Motorcycles date back to 1868 when a steam engine powered a two-wheel bike. It toured the country and failed to catch on initially, but it still led to the birth of several large motorcycle companies between 1900 and 1955.

It was in the 1960s when motorcycles became popular as an alternative transportation form. There was a brief lag in sales in the 1970s, but the motorcycle rose again in the late 1980s and continues to be a top choice today.

There are several reasons why modern drivers love to hop on a bike and hit the open road.

Before looking into what makes Pennsylvania a popular motorcycle destination, start comparison shopping first to fully cover your motorcycle. Enter your ZIP code above to get the best motorcycle insurance rates!

What makes motorcycles popular?

– The Cool Look

There’s definitely a cool factor to the motorcycle, and they’re simply fun to ride. When you’re on a bike, you’re off on an adventure.

– The Freedom

There’s a certain freedom that comes from riding on the open road with the wind brushing your arms and the sun on your face. Think of the first time you successfully rode a two-wheeler down the neighborhood sidewalk as a kid. It’s that feeling all over again.

– The Biker Community

Bond with other bikers and talk about the great roads you’ve traveled. Almost everybody you know drives, but only a select few will ride a bike.

– The Proximity to Nature

Close yourself up in a car, and you just get to see nature through the window, and the view is limited at that. Hop on the bike, and you have a clear view of the surroundings, plus you can feel the wind and breathe in the fresh air.

What makes for a good motorcycle road?

AdobeStock_78189033-1600x1600 (4)

Highways are made with primarily straight lines so that you can easily navigate them, but most bikers are looking for something a little more challenging.

The best motorcycle roads aren’t about getting from point A to point B; they’re all about the journey.

That’s why they should have:

  • Twists and turns
  • A pleasing view
  • Free-flowing designs that are fun to ride

Motorcycles in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State may not have the sunshine and mild weather found in other states, but it’s still at the top of the list for enthusiasts.

This ranking is based on the number of motorcycles owned per capita. Pennsylvania comes in at #4 out of 50 U.S. states with a total of 404,164 registered motorcycles.

Pennsylvania is also the fifth most popular state in the U.S. when it comes to the “Top 100 Motorcycle Roads.”

So it should come as no surprise that Pennsylvania has some impressive roads that are just waiting for bikers.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Trips

Before you explore the roads in Pennsylvania, be sure that you’re ready for a safe drive.

You can avoid problems on the road and some serious injuries by:

  • Wearing the right gear, including your helmet, motorcycle jacket, eye protection, and over-the-ankle shoes
  • Driving defensively
  • Checking the weather so you can avoid storms
  • Keeping an eye out for road hazards

The 10 Best Roads for Motorcycles

The following roads have what avid bikers are looking for, like a fun ride and great scenery. Check your safety gear and prepare for the drive of a lifetime on one of these roads.

#1 – East Berlin/Michaux State Forest Loop

Traveling through the Michaux State Forest, this route features incredible scenery with hills, mountains, and even orchards.

The roads are curvy with plenty of hills, and they’re in excellent shape. The lack of gravel makes them ideal for most riders.

#2 – Grand Army of the Republic Highway (PA Route 6)

Take a drive through small villages and towns on PA Route 6. Stop for a cup of coffee at a local diner and take a walk through a town square when you need a break.

The two-lane road travels through hardwood forests, and you’ll enjoy the views of beautiful little lakes.

You’ll see the mountains in all of their glory, so fall may be the best time to travel this roadway.

#3 – Lincoln Highway (U.S. Route 30 from Chambersburg to Breezewood)

Pass through the only Northern town to be burned during the Civil War. This ride starts in Chambersburg, and a star in Town Square marks the spot where General McCausland gave the order.

From there, you can travel all the way to Breezewood, and you’ll enjoy the incredible sights along the way.

The ride is challenging and better suited to experienced riders, but the views from the two main summits make it one worth taking.

#4 – Route 340 from Lancaster to Downingtown

Leave the expressway behind and take a ride out to Amish Country by traveling on Route 340. You’ll see rolling hills and fertile countryside that will take your breath away.

The roads can be crowded in the nearby tourist areas, but you’ll find that there’s plenty of wide open spaces if you travel during the week or outside of the main tourist season.

Stop in at Amish restaurants and check out the impressive furniture. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Amish buggies on the road, and have fun counting all the black carts that you see.

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#5 – Route 655 through Big Valley

This particular drive may be one of the best-kept secrets in the state.

Referred to locally as “Big Valley,” this region is home to the second-largest Amish population in the region.

It’s a peaceful place where you can relax and just enjoy the ride.

You’ll see the mountains off in the distance, and you’ll forget about all the pressures and demands of the modern life waiting for you at home. If you’re focused on scenery and a calming ride, then this should be at the very top of your list.

#6 – Hawk’s Nest Loop: Port Jervis

Take a cliffside run that travels along the Upper Delaware River at the New York and Pennsylvania border. This loop has everything you could want on a great ride, including spectacular views, tourist stops, and a pleasant ride.

It connects right in with Highway 6 back to Milford so that you can combine two roads in one exciting trip.

#7 – World’s End State Park Loop

The scenery throughout the Pocono Mountains is incredible, and you can be in the heart of it all by visiting this route. There are tree-lined curves, and the elevation changes mean that there’s something new and beautiful around every turn.

Stop in at the World’s End State Park in Forksville to start your run. The route primarily consists of side roads where you can take your time and enjoy the view along with a pleasurable trip.

#8 – The Outstanding PA 191

This particular route is close to 611, so it’s easy for you to hop off for a quick break if you need to grab a bite to eat. Otherwise, you’ll find that there’s not much on this roadway other than fantastic views.

You’ll see the rivers and streams that dot the Pennsylvania landscape, and you can enjoy riding through several quaint towns. There are twists and turns to keep you on your toes, and the road quality is quite good.

It’s recommended that you traverse this route when you’re well-rested because of the way that any turns can take you by surprise.

#9 – PA Route 44

This particular route if perfect for nature lovers because it takes you through more than 70 miles of secluded forest. It’s like taking a grand nature hike without the tired legs. Some spots of the road are a little rough, but it’s generally in good shape.

Be prepared for some tight turns and elevation changes by staying alert throughout the ride. There are very few amenities along the way, so be sure to fill your gas tank and pack a lunch before you go.

#10 – State Route 381

Travel from the heart of Pennsylvania straight into the mountains of West Virginia on State Route 381. It has some nice turns along the way, and you’ll find a few places to stop as you head south.

The most enjoyable stretch of road is just south of Ohiopyle as you move towards Route 40.

The Special Insurance Needs of Motorcycles

AdobeStock_92452708-1600x1600 (1)

Motorcycles require the right type of coverage to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your ride. Having the right coverage will provide you with the peace of mind that you want.

Whether you have a classic machine or a modern bike, here’s what you should know about motorcycle coverage.

– Types of Machines

There are several different types of motorcycles on the road, including:

  • Factory-built or custom motorcycles
  • Classic motorcycles
  • Motor scooters, mini bikes, and trail bikes

While all of these vehicles are allowed on roadways, they have different insurance requirements.

Shop around for a plan that can cover your particular bike against all types of problems.

– The Accessories

One of the great things about riding a bike is adding different accessories. If you have a sidecar, then you need to be sure that your insurance company will protect that car along with the bike.

Just as with regular car insurance, you can choose different levels of protection for your bike.

While liability is to pay for damage you cause to other vehicles, you’ll want to get collision and comprehensive to ensure that you can get your bike fixed after an accident.

The right plan will also reimburse you for:

  • Damage caused in an accident
  • Custom motorcycle work that’s harmed in an event
  • Damage to your safety equipment and protective gear
  • Theft, fire, weather-related damage, and other losses

– Trip Interruption Insurance

If you like going out for the weekend on longer drives, then you may want to invest in trip interruption protection.

Trip interruption insurance will help reimburse you for hotel and bike transportation fees if something happens when you’re out on the road.

Take the time to shop around for the right coverage plan.

It is possible to save on your bike insurance while getting the high-end protection that you require. You can save some money while ensuring that you’re covered against theft, storms, and accidents.

Start comparison shopping today to save on auto insurance. Enter your ZIP code below and get the best auto insurance rates for your motorcycle!

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