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Tiny House Insurance in Pennsylvania

Here's what you need to know...
  • If you own a tiny house in Pennsylvania, you should explore your options when it comes to where you can park it
  • Don’t forget to have adequate insurance
  • Shop and compare policies to find the best deal

Do you ever feel like your house is too big? Have you considered living in a smaller house?

There are some advantages of small houses. There is even a trend toward purchasing what are known as tiny houses.

Tiny homes are cute and efficient, and those who live in them say it frees them from the clutter of a larger home.

If you want to live in a tiny home in Pennsylvania and need to make sure you are adequately covered, start comparing insurance rates by entering your ZIP code above!

The New Fad of Tiny Homes


There has been a recent increase in the purchase of tiny homes lately. Several factors have influenced this trend.

– TV Show Explosions and Their Influence

One thing that has made tiny houses so popular lately is the explosion of popular TV shows that featured them in their programs.

  • “Tiny House Nation” (FYI) This show features a number of different guests who are interested in moving into tiny houses for various reasons.
  • “Tiny House, Big Living” (HGTV) This show features a look at how people in tiny houses can experience a rich lifestyle while minimalizing their space.
  • “Tiny House Builders” (HGTV) – This show illustrates tiny houses from the builders’ perspective and how they put one together.
  • “Tiny House Hunters”(HGTV) – This show illustrates how to find the best tiny houses.
  • “Tiny Houses: Living Large in a Small Space” (DIY Network) – This show teaches you how you can “live large” by minimizing your space.

With so many shows focused on the theme of tiny houses, it’s no wonder there is such a rush to find out more about what this lifestyle is like.

Tiny Homes: The Newest American Dream

It is interesting to ponder the reason why people go tiny. Isn’t the American dream to own a big house with a pool, drive the finest cars, and save for your kids’ college? Perhaps.

But many have caught onto the idea of minimalism, a technique used in many disciplines such as house design as well as web design and other industries that scream the idea, “Less is more.”

Perhaps one of the factors that inspire this movement is the fact that they can focus on other things and it simplifies their lives. When their house and their belongings become less important, many say they shift their attention to the more important things.

They also save money as a result, and they like this advantage to smaller living space.

Insuring Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania

AdobeStock_65536650-1600x1600 (1)

If you have a tiny home or are shopping for a tiny home in Pennsylvania, you should keep a list of insurance agents who offer little house insurance.

Tiny house insurance is a very specialized type of insurance, and it requires a special company and policies to handle it.

If you are looking to buy a tiny or small house in the state of Pennsylvania, here are some places you can start:

  • Sheds Unlimited, LLC in Gap, PA Sheds Unlimited offers tiny homes for sale to Pennsylvania residents. They also custom build homes.
  • Liberation Tiny Homes in Lancaster, PA – This tiny home builder, Liberation Tiny Homes, offers either pre-made homes or they will custom design and build your tiny home for you.

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Where can I park my tiny home in Pennsylvania?

One of the issues tiny home owners face is where to put it. It takes up very little space but it’s important to know what the ordinances are regarding your tiny home purchase and where you are supposed to keep it.

One good source of this information is:

You will find a variety of options for placing your tiny home on that site.

– RV Parks

One option to park your tiny house is in an RV Park.

Ye Olde Mill Campground in Burnt Cabin, Pennsylvania offers a place to park your tiny house. Visit their website and contact them for details.

– Tiny House Community

The Sharing Paradise in Hawley, PA offers a privately owned tiny house community of five friends. You may inquire if they have space to park your tiny house by visiting them online.

– Philadelphia

If you would like to live in Philadelphia, they have no minimum house size laws there.

The Logan Orchard and Market area offers a place to put your tiny house that is within the law.

– Backyard or Private Land

If you want another option, you could consider putting your tiny house in a back yard or on someone’s private land.

Of course, you must first get permission from the owner, but you are allowed to do this in many places in Pennsylvania.

– Tiny House on Wheels vs. Stationary Tiny House

Do you want a tiny house on wheels or a stationary one?

A tiny house on wheels is defined as a house that is meant as a permanent “year-round” residence but which meets certain other guidelines. Check out what the guidelines are here.

If you want any more information on where to find the resources you need for tiny house insurance and placement, visit this link.

Auto Insurance for Tiny Houses in Pennsylvania

AdobeStock_66413216-1600x1600 (5)

If you do determine that you have a “tiny house on wheels” and it meets the criteria for this, you may be able to get RV insurance, insurance for manufactured homes, or a dwelling program type of insurance.

– Bundling policies

There are many types of insurance available for people with tiny houses in Pennsylvania. Some of the types of insurance are listed below.

  • Main house dwelling insurance
  • Personal property insurance
  • Personal liability
  • Loss of use
  • Separate structures
  • Medical payment to others
  • Tiny house build

You would need to talk to an experienced insurance professional to determine what is the best type of insurance for your needs.

It would depend on what your greatest risk is, whether you are traveling with your house on a regular basis and other factors.

– Do I qualify for a bundling discount?

If you shop and compare policies and investigate the type of insurance that is available for your tiny home, you will find many options to choose from.

You may even be eligible for a bundling discount that enables you to bundle different types of insurance within one policy.

Tips for Purchasing Tiny House Insurance

AdobeStock_72047239-1600x1600 (7)

Here are some tips that may help you to get the tiny house insurance you need if you own a tiny house in Pennsylvania.

  • Comparison shop – One of the best things you can do when shopping for any insurance is to compare various companies and their policies. Find a company that pays claims promptly and listens to your needs, as well as ones that offer low premiums.
  • Ensure that you have adequate coverage – Tiny houses offer a unique situation if you were to have an accident involving your home. So make sure you know what coverage you need and that you have adequate coverage.
  • Compare rates to get the best deal – When you compare companies and policies, you are more likely to find the best deal for what you need. Make sure and ask questions when you talk to insurance agents to get your questions answered.
  • Look for discounts if you have a bad driving record – If your driving record is not what it should be, look for discounts that might help leverage the cost of insurance.

By doing your homework ahead of time, you’ll find the right insurance for your tiny house. So minimalize your lifestyle and your insurance premiums too by shopping and comparing tiny house insurance in Pennsylvania.

Start comparison shopping today for the best tiny house insurance rates by entering your ZIP code below!

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