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Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Pennsylvania

Here's what you need to know...
  • There are specific reasons why your car may be stolen
  • There are factors you cannot control and others that you can control
  • Know your level of risk and make sure you have adequate comprehensive insurance to cover a theft, vandalism, or act of nature

Have you ever wondered what makes some vehicles more subject to theft than others? Have you ever thought about why thieves choose an individual car and not another one? Did you believe that this was all just bad luck or coincidence? Think again.

Thieves are smart in how they go about stealing or planning to take a car. They know the value of many of the cars and can tell with just a glance whether the car will sell or not and for how much.

Some cars are going to be picked off for theft more than others, depending on their value. It’s important to understand which cars are the most prone to theft so that you can take care of your property and lower your risk for theft.

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A Pattern to Car Theft

One thing people should understand is that there are different types of auto theft.

Some thieves swipe car keys to steal a car. Swiping keys takes some observation on their part by watching people who leave their car unattended, but they are good at looking for opportunities and waiting for the right moment.

Just one minute that someone leaves their car keys on a desk at a hotel, restaurant, or other location can be all it takes to give them an opportunity to do the deed. For this reason, you should always know where your keys are and never leave them lying around.

Another way they could steal a car using the key swipe method is by making an imprint of your keys then making a copy.

Remember that one of the reasons people steal cars is to resell the parts. They may not want to handle the entire car.

It might also surprise you to know that the older more common cars are often the most stolen. The reason why is because the parts are harder to find and thieves can resell the parts easier.

Why Some Cars Are Targeted for Theft

road-man-lights-legs (3)

Sometimes car theft is much more organized. It may not just be the occasional lone wolf who sees an opportunity to steal when no one is looking.

Some are much more aggressive, like the car gangs in this news report who target women in parking lots and invade her car when she is not looking or even hold her at gunpoint.

Most car thieves are not armed robbers, but some can end up being one if they take it to that point.

Factors That Affect the Incidence of Car Theft

AdobeStock_89374409-1600x1600 (7)

There are some factors possibly out of your control that you should be aware of. These factors can influence the likelihood of car theft.

– A Lot Depends on Where You Live

The makes, models, and years of stolen vehicles vary from state to state.

Another important point to keep in mind is the fact that certain areas are more prone to auto theft than others.

It’s good to know the types of makes and models of cars in Pennsylvania that are most often stolen so that you can know what to do to prevent it.

– Safety Tips when Choosing a Home

If you understand that where you live has a lot of impact on your risk for theft, you can bear that in mind when you are considering a home. You can find helpful tips and information about types of homes at this site when purchasing a home or apartment.

It’s also helpful to know the auto theft laws in Pennsylvania so that you will know what to do if you are the victim of theft.

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Pennsylvania

The following cars are the most stolen vehicles in the state of Pennsylvania. Look through this list and the descriptions and see if your vehicle is listed.

If it is, you may want to increase your comprehensive insurance in order to protect your investment.

Pennsylvania’s 10 Most Stolen Vehicles

Pennsylvania's 10 Most Stolen Vehicles - 2015 Data

(Click here for an interactive chart)

#10 — 2015 Chevrolet Malibu

The 2015 Chevrolet Malibu is one of the top ten most stolen automobiles in the state of Pennsylvania. Its compact size and excellent gas mileage may be one of the reasons, along with the fact that it sports a 196-horsepower engine that looks good on the road.

It comes in many different colors and attracts thieves perhaps because it is a good practical car that they can either use or resell without much trouble.

#9 — 1999 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

The 1999 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee has a look that is popular both in the country and the city. It totes up to five passengers at a time and can handle the rugged terrain.

It’s considered one of the best on-road and off-the-road vehicles, and it’s a great family vehicle, making it a magnet for the eyes of a thief for its resale value.

#8 — 2003 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)

How about the 2003 Chevrolet Pickup? Who doesn’t take a second look at a macho truck like this one?

This was one of the most popular models of Chevrolet Pickups that was created during its time.

#7 — 2014 Toyota Corolla

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is a popular, smaller sporty-looking car without the huge sports price tag.

It is a nice car for driving around town or for road trips. The Toyota Corolla’s functional features may make it more vulnerable to theft.

#6 — 2006 Chevrolet Impala

The 2006 Chevrolet Impala is an attractive small to mid-size vehicle that has a sporty appeal to a wide range of people. It projects confidence and attitude and comes in all kinds of colors.

People who are looking out for cars they could steal may know the value from Kelley Blue Book, or they may just think that they can sell it quickly once it’s stolen to get it off their hands.

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#5 — 2015 Nissan Altima

The 2015 Nissan Altima is one classy-looking car, and it’s easy to see why it might be stolen if left unattended. Not only does it have a sexy look but it looks as though it could take on any roadway with ease.

These practical cars, believe it or not, catch the eye of the common car thief.

#4 — 2014 Toyota Camry

The 2014 Toyota Camry is a similar vehicle to the 2015 Nissan Altima and has a classy look.

Remember that thieves look at how a car looks first. They may not even know the model.

Not all auto thieves study the street value of different models, but they do have a ballpark figure of what they are worth.

They also need to be able to get rid of the car (resell it) fast. Reselling the car prevents the police from catching up with them if there is an investigation.

#3 — 2006 Ford Pickup (Full Size)

Thieves sometimes prefer a nice Pickup instead of a car. The 2006 Ford Pickup is a perfect example of what thieves prefer. You never know though what they are planning to do with the car they steal.

Thieves could be looking for a ride of their own. Perhaps they have had their license taken away due to traffic violations or other issues.

Whatever the case, they want a truck that has a reliable engine and resale value.

This may be one reason why this vehicle comes into the #3 spot of Pennsylvania’s most stolen vehicles.

#2 — 1998 Honda Civic

The 1998 Honda Civic is a small, practical auto that gets great mileage (27, city; 34, highway). It’s cute and can be the perfect choice for older people or anyone who wants something with a hatchback.

#1 — 1997 Honda Accord

The 1997 Honda Accord is another smaller vehicle that is an excellent choice for anyone needing a modern but simple car. Its appeal ranges from the college student to the older driver and thieves know this.

That may be why it is the #1 most stolen car in Pennsylvania.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Car Theft

So what can you do to avoid becoming the victim of auto theft? Believe it or not, there are some things you can control.

  • Take your keys with you always
  • Don’t leave your keys in your car or leave it unattended
  • Avoid lending your car to people you don’t know well
  • Know the stats on car theft

Observing these simple tips will decrease your chances of becoming a victim of theft. cautions drivers that leaving a car unattended while going in somewhere for just a few minutes can result in a major strip down of your vehicle. Reselling your car parts and making money is one major reason why thieves like to steal.

What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen

If you’ve done all you can to avoid becoming a theft victim, it’s important that you report it as soon as possible.

You should also check with local impound lots and resellers in the area to see if the thieves have turned in your car for cash. Many of them will try to get rid of it as soon as possible so do this quickly.

File a police report immediately once you have determined your car is stolen. Then call your insurance company and file a claim.

The Best Protection Is Insurance

Dollarphotoclub_60994034-1600x1600 (3)

The best thing you can do to make sure you don’t lose money or are left without transportation in a theft is to have comprehensive car insurance.

While comprehensive insurance is hardly ever required, it is a great add-on to your current insurance policy that will pay for a replacement of equal value if you have your car stolen.

Do your due diligence and make sure that you were not reckless or negligent in where you stored your car. Some insurers will not pay your claim if you left it running (puffing) in a high-crime area or left it on the street overnight. Use caution and be aware of your surroundings.

Your car is outstanding, and it gets you where you need to be. So take care of your car. But if you do look out to find your car missing due to no fault of your own, you will be covered.

You will only be covered if you have comprehensive insurance. Talk to your insurance agent and shop and compare various policies and insurance companies to make sure you have the best coverage for your situation.

Discuss this with your insurer and ask the important questions before you decide which is best for you.

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